(2c) Pioneers and the American Frontier - Art, Dance, and Music Summer Camp


Sold Out - Available Next Session

(Week Three) Pioneers and the American Frontier

(ages 5-8)

What was it like to travel west in a covered wagon ... Live on the prairies of North Dakota...Make your own candles and sew your own clothing?  Was it easy to mine for gold? And, most importantly, what to do when you see a big brown bear! This is the world we will be visiting through stories, art, music and dance.  We will even make some homemade butter and bread! Please come and join us for a week of adventure as we travel west with our imaginations.

Each day includes two classes at Heartbeat House which include music and singing, yoga, capoiera, hip hop, musical theater, ballet, jazz, and more.

The rest of the day is spent at A Place to Create, which includes Ms Molly’s famous stories, art projects inspired by these stories, drawing, treasure hunts, and organic snacks.




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(1a) THURSDAY JUNE 21st @ 7:30pm EMBROIDERY & APEROL SPRITZ - 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Lisha Brooks

Thursday - 6/21/18

We will be getting creative with designs and sayings,  making colorful embroidery wheels, while sipping aperol 
spritzers.  It's an incredibly rewarding and relaxing craft. I recommend putting a little thought into what your design might be and maybe bringing an image with you you'd like to reference. I will also lead the class in a group design.
$40 for class, includes all supplies and beverages.
Email craftswithlee@gmail.com for more information
Lisha Brooks is an actor, writer and filmmaker living in Silverlake. She enjoys turning off her phone and crafting to destress and access the creative part of her brain.  She loves helping people relax after work and to connect with new friends around the craft table.

(1A) Knitting Classes for Ages 8 and up! - 2:30 - 3:45 pm

Ms. Edna Hart

Saturday Drop-in - 5/26/18
Saturday Drop-in - 6/2/18
Saturday Drop-in - 6/9/18
Saturday Drop-in - 6/16/18


Knitting is a fun and therapeutic skill to learn.  The curriculum is designed so that you can come as a beginner and continue through the year increasing your skill and learning to make many wonderful things. The first project is a scarf. For this project, you will learn to cast on stitches and knit your very own scarf. In future classes, you will learn casting off, finishing your project, new stitches, as well as more advanced projects (a dolls blanket, potholders, leg and arm warmers and more).

You are welcome to join this class at any level, and this is a great class for adults also! You can even join us as a Mommy/Daddy and me!  All materials are included.

This class will be taught by Ms. Edna! She has been working up the street at The Little Knittery - so many of you might already know her!  She is a very patient teacher, and I should know as she has helped me with many of my own knitting projects!

Age: 8+

Knitting Classes offered every Saturday - Come consecutively or whenever it suits your schedule

Please notify Ms Molly if you are planning to attend, so we can plan accordingly! info@aplacetocreate.net

2:30 - 3:45 pm

$35 per class

(1a) Robotics and Tinkering Camp -


Default Title -


A Place to Create is thrilled to be offering the studio to RoboQ for one week in August- as they are offing a very special Robotics and Tinkering summer camp!

RoboQ creates a STEAM learning environment where kids explore projects exciting the sensors as well as their imagination. They believe that true learning takes place when a student is encouraged to experiment, explore and make mistakes. This path allows a more productive and fun education. This fun filled camp will be taught by Ms. Allena!

August 6-10, 2018

9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Ages 4-8; or grades K-3rd


 If you have any questions about the camp please email Ms Allena at: allena@roboq.org

(1A) Summer Creating Together - Session One - 8:45 - 10:00 am

Ms. Molly

Wednesday - 6/20/18 and 6/27/18

An interactive, creative learning experience designed for toddlers with their parents. Watch your young child’s creativity blossom before your eyes. All materials used are non-toxic and chosen specifically to nurture the developing child. There will be stories, songs and engaging art projects.
Ages 22 months - 3 years


This summer we are offering three 3-week sessions to accommodate busy summer schedules.

NOTE: If you don't see the day you want on the list of options - that means it is sold out

NOTE: No Class on Wednesday July 4th

Session One: 6/18/18-7/6/18

(Choose Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays - any day that is no longer an option on the drop down menu is sold out)